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At St. Mary School, we strive to be instruments of peace. We nurture virtues and a spirit of kindness and compassion by incorporating the language of virtues into everyday life. When we learn, live, and witness in virtue, it will overflow into every aspect of life—transforming us into the best versions of ourselves. 

Education in Virtue from Openlight Media, developed by the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, helps children grow in virtues through exploring what the virtues “look like” and “sound like.” The St. Mary's program focuses on 27 virtues over a three-year cycle. 

As a tribute to Sr. Theresa who has served our school for many years, we are starting a
new tradition, the “Offer it Up” Virtue Award. A common phrase used by Sister to help
us remember that everything that we do is an offering to God, especially when it is
difficult or doesn’t benefit us in any way. This attitude is what makes us different than
other schools, we are people of faith, which means that we live lives of love and service.

Christ is the embodiment of all the virtues. We hope to encourage one another to live
the virtues at school and home by focusing on the virtues and recognizing virtuous
deeds in one another. This Virtue Padlet hopes to provide you with some resources to
live the language of virtue and recognize shining examples of virtue.

Living the Language of Virtue at Home & School



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