St. Mary GALA RSVP - St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School

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We did it! What a night…and WOW… what a great fundraiser for Saint Mary. We are so thankful to everyone who attended our Gala and Auction, Feb. 22, at Sylvan Cellars. It was a humbling experience to watch a community come together, all sharing a love for this wonderful school. During the St. Mary-Go-Round Gala, we were able to raise nearly $100,000 for the complete renovation of our school’s parking lot.

We can’t tell you enough how much all of us at Saint Mary appreciate your contribution to our event. Thanks to the donations of many, we’ll be able to have a safer environment for our students as they use the school parking lot for physical education, recess, and other outdoor related activities and events.

We invite you to follow and like our school on Facebook (St. Mary of the Assumption School) to stay up to date on the activities of the school. You can also sign up on our school website to receive periodic email updates. Please share our school and it’s mission to your friends and family so that generations will continue to grow in wisdom and grace.

On behalf of our Saint Mary parents and staff, we thank you again for your support and we are looking forward to next year’s event. God bless you!
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