2017-2018 School Year

$75 Registration Fee (per family, non-refundable)

Active Parishioner Rate (K-8)
$3,089.00 One Child
$5,411.00 Two Children
$6,955.00 Three Children

$375 Instructional Fee per child in K-8th

Non-Active Parishioner Rate (K - 8)

$6,048.00 Per Child

$375 Instructional Fee per child in K-8th

$660 Per Child (3 year old – Tue/Thu)
$900 Per Child (4 year old – Mon/Wed/Fri)

$60 Instructional Fee per preschool child

Any child from a Catholic family is eligible for the Catholic tuition rates. The family
must be a “Contributing Member” to their Catholic parish. A “Contributing Member”
is expected to meet ALL THREE criteria:

1. A registered parishioner of St. Mary Parish (Avilla) or other Catholic parish.
2. Supportive to home parish by participating physically (regular attendance at
 Sunday Mass) and financially by maintaining a consistent regular contribution.
3. Supportive to home parish and St. Mary School as a volunteer.

Tuition will be revised to that of a Non-Active Parishioner for families that do not meet the
standard for all three criteria.

Tuition assistance is available regardless of parish membership for those who qualify
financially. Please contact the St. Mary school office for details.



School Choice Application Window and Lottery:

Last Sunday in January through February 28th

Lottery (if needed): March 2nd

If the number of applicants meeting both the income and St. Mary School's admission requirements exceed our enrollment capacity at a given grade level, state guidelines require a lottery (random drawing) to be held to determine accepted students. Thereafter, a “waiting list” of applicants meeting St. Mary’s admission requirements will be established to determine enrollment should additional seats become available.

For additional information, contact:

Mr. Adams or Mrs. Lake at (260) 897-3481 during normal school hours.