Meeting Minutes March 2018

Mission Statement: 

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service. 

St. Mary’s Catholic School Board Minutes
March 6, 2018

Present:  Father Daniel, Mr. Adams, Brian Myers, Carrie Rupley, Laura Fortman, Angie Jansen, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Taube, Joni Lazoff, Andrea Winkle, Kevin Strater, Shane Clouse, Kim Hesher

Absent: Melissa Cass

Opening - School Board Prayer

Approval of January minutes-No February Meeting

HASA Report: Kim 

-Saturday is Trivia Night 

-Tupperware fundraiser is underway

-Very successful Mission Party 

-Color Run April 28th (Tentatively)

-April 14th 2pm-4pm Cupcakes & Canvas

-HASA paying for cookies and punch for confirmation 

-HASA will also pay for end of the year activities TBA & some expenses for 8th grade graduation 

-HASA will also sponsor father/daughter dance

Committee Reports:

  1. Finance & Development - Brian
    • Finance Council meeting 1/11/18
      • financial challenges continue, managing on a month to month basis
      • no change in additional accrued diocesan debt
      • discussed feedback on yearly financial report provided to parish in December
      • provided council with copy of 2018-19 Tuition & Fee decisions for budget planning
      • 2018 Capital Campaign to kick-off 1/27/18
      • PFCIC preparing grant for Gym HVAC
      • Next meeting 4/19/2018 
  1. Catholic Identity- Andrea
    • Nothing new to report
  1. Enrollment & Marketing-Joni
    • Printed and created a new brochure for the school in English & Spanish ready for distribution (design & printing costs were 100% donated)
    • Window decals were also ordered (all costs covered by another donation)
    • New website coming soon!! 
    • YouTube instruction video will be available soon for teachers/staff to navigate and add content to our new website
    • New packets for Preschool parents to be distributed soon promoting our school
    • New website could incorporate registration forms that can be submitted online
    • Discussions beginning with Immaculate Conception Church in Kendallville concerning recruitment of Hispanic families 
    • Online class - Heather & Joni marketing and enrollment, handout to fill out on evaluating effectiveness of school
    • We need to consider a much larger team to work on marketing, possibility of setting up a core group next school year-opening up to all staff, parents, alumni, parishioners, etc.
    • Possibility of starting specific after school programs ex: legos, sewing, basketball, art- goal for the fall?
  1. Principal Evaluation-Laura (In Spring) 
  2. Strategic Planning- Brian 

    Meeting tonight to work towards the goal of refreshing as many areas as possible in the     existing 2014-19 plan

    • focus on direct support of enrollment growth

Old/ Ongoing Business: 

1.   School Board Elections 

        a.  Opening-St. Mary Parish with children (2) 

    • Carrie & Brian will not be seeking a 2nd term                

        b.  Opening-St. Mary Parish no children

    • Shane is moving to another parish and will be unable to finish his term            

        c. Online Voting?

    • Melissa in charge of voting- Laura will contact her to coordinate  

2.   Walking Path/Fence Update 

    • Blueprint given with new sidewalks and walking path explained
    • Contractors have been to the school and the project continues to progress!

3.   Reschedule April meeting due to Spring Break

    • Meeting moved to the following Tuesday, April 10th

School Administration Report Pastor’s Report:

  1. Doors #2 & #3 need awnings with back lighting for students and parents safety.                                                          -grants will be written for funding 

2.   Dry erase boards updated for classrooms

        -Scrip is willing to pay for this 

3.   Enforcement of Uniform Policy 

        -Starting in March with detentions for those not wearing belts

4.   Obtaining some chess boards for lunch tables

                        - increase student participation 

5.   ISTEP round 1 is over , ISTEP round 2 is in April 

6.   Enrollment is at 82 students for next year already 

        -handout on 2018-19 enrollment projection by grade

7.    School visit from St. Joe Garrett

        -6th grade students had a positive experience and we hope they decide to enroll         at St. Mary for 7th & 8th grade

Pastor’s Report:

1. Sincere Thank you to all outgoing board members for their dedication and hard work. 

2. Very happy about reports tonight- grants, improvements 

3.Legacy of Faith given to our parish last month  (money given to parishes with schools) approx. $24,000

Other Business:

Parish Council: Laura 

    Meeting in January

    -girls to start serving

    -discussions beginning pertaining to painting the sanctuary

    • No Meeting in February 

Next Parish Council meeting is March 20th 7PM-Andrea Winkle

Adjournment with a prayer

Next School Board Meeting: Tuesday, April 10th @ 6:00 p.m. 

Monthly Committee meeting: Strategic Planning

Annual School Goal: 

“For nothing will be impossible for God” Luke 1:37