Meeting Minutes December 2017

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


December 5, 2017

Present – Father Daniel, Mr. Adams, Laura Fortman, Mrs Hopf, Mrs. Yoder, Melissa Cass, Brian Myers, Kevin Strater, Kim Hesher, Carrie Rupley, Shane Clouse, Joni, Lazoff, Mrs. Taube, Andrea Winkle

Absent – Angie Jansen

Opening Prayer

Approval of November minutes

HASA Report: Kim

  • Meeting tomorrow Dec 6th
    • Catholic Schools Week – snacks, entertainment, craft
    • Mission Party – help on Friday
  • Decorations up in hallway
  • Trees in hallway available for teachers
  • If anyone needs new decorations, contact Kim and HASA will purchase or locate
  • Trying to set a date for Canvas and Cupcakes
  • Tupperware - Need to contact Tina Ball to see about details
    • Not doing it until Jan

Committee Reports:

  1. Finance & Development-Brian

    a. last meeting was 10/19/17, next meeting 1/11/2018, continued work on deficit reduction 

  1. Catholic Identity – Andrea – nothing new
  1. Enrollment & Marketing – Joni
    1. Parade went well
    2. Joni’s brother is working with Mr. Adams
      1. Groups will have own pages – HASA, teachers, PFCIC, Alumni, etc.
      2. More info to come as it is worked out
    3. Christmas Letter (Laura) – mailing alumni letter Thursday
    4. Some visiting Immaculate Conception on Friday for 150th anniversary with Bishop Rhodes
  2. Principal Evaluation – Laura (spring)
  3. Strategic Planning
    1. 1st meeting this year to be held following the February school board meeting     

Old/Ongoing Business

  • e-Learning – Mr. Adams 
    • given permission by Superintendent Jordan, rolled out to families
    • eLearning tab on web site for each teacher/classroom. 
    • Teachers practicing with students this week. 
    • Another letter out this Friday from Mr. Adams with more instructions
    • If we have bad weather that impedes school after Dec 10th, will proceed with e-learning
    • Students have 3 days to complete assignments 

New Business

  • Tuition  Spreadsheet (Brian)
  • Discussed current year projection (122 student) vs actual (119)
  • Discussed next year projection (120 students)
  • Talk of diocesan suggestion to raise salaries 3%
  • 2.1% inflation rate included in spreadsheet
  • PreSchool not included in spreadsheet 
  • PreSchool – talked about increasing PreSchool 
  • Motion: Melissa Cass – moved to raise tuition prices $30 to offset cost of background checks, Brian Meyers – 2nd.  Motion carried (all approved) , no one opposed
    • New price Pre-3 : $690  , Pre-4 : $930
  • Last year – Book & Technology fee went up $100 because now including student insurance
  • Tuition was raised last year 8%
  • Motion: Registration – PreSchool was raised last year to $75, Melissa motioned to NOT raise registration, Joni – 2nd ,  everyone agreed not raise rates
  • Motion: Discussion on Tuition % increase – 
    • 6.5% made by Andrea Winkle, 2nd motion by Laura Fortman. Yes – 3 
    • Motion 7% Kevin Strater, 2nd Shane Clouse – Yes - 5
    • Passed 7% increase vote: 5 to 3

School Administration:  Mr. Adams

  • NWEA coming up

Father Daniel

  • Not best to raise tuition every year, find other ways
  • Best to keep meetings at 2 hrs
  • Thanks to parish council, donor 10K

Parish Council Report – Kevin Strater Nov 21st 

  • Update from KOC
  • Small discussion on finance

Adjournment with a prayer

Next meeting: Monday, January 9th  @ 6pm

Annual School Goal: 

“For nothing will be impossible for God” Luke 1:37