Meeting Minutes May 2017

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education.  This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service.


St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


May 2, 2017


Attendees:  Mrs. Sandor, Jill Dunkel, Tina Gienger,  Brian Myers, Carrie Rupley, Laura Fortman, Angie Jansen, Father Daniel, Annette Roesener, Kim Hescher, Sara Lake, Melissa Cass, Mrs. Yoder, Mrs. Taube, Mrs. Laurie, Mrs. Curtis.


WELCOME NEW MEMBERS:  Andrea Winkle, Joni Lazoff, Kevin Strater, Shane Clouse!!!


Approval of minutes from previous meeting.


Committee Reports:


Finance and Development – Jill / Brian

  • Accrued Diocesan debt (Jul - Oct 2015 unpaid expenses) remain at $116k with no recent growth or reduction.     
  • No meeting since last School Board Meeting
  • Next Meeting June 15, 2017.


Enrollment & Marketing – Annette

  • Annette submitted a summary of all the events that took place in 2016-2017; and future ideas for the committee to pursue.


Catholic Identity / Policy & Procedure – Angie


  • Financial Aid Policy
  • Open to Everyone?  Yes.  The Principal and Priest will go over the applicants.  The policy and procedure committee will discuss this and come up with a plan on how this is decided.


  • Sick Child Policy   
  • The committee will discuss this and determine if the procedure we have in place is adequate or if we need a procedure written.  The Policy and Procedure Committee will discuss this and write a new policy (if needed).  This will be assigned to the August Meeting.


  • Mrs. Sandor requested a revision of the St. Mary configuration with the Department of Education to include the preschool program.  A motion by Sara Lake and a second by Brian Myers were made for this revision. The motion passed to request a submission for a reconfiguration of the St. Mary enrollment grade levels to the IN Department of Education. 


  • School Lunch Program
  • New lunch price will be $2.40 per day; $1.00 Extra; .50 for milk.
  • Handout was submitted for the unpaid lunch policy.  The committee will discuss this and come up with a procedure.



Principal Evaluation Jill

  •      The Committee met and has turned in the evaluation.


Strategic Planning – Brian

  • The goal is to refresh the Strategic Plan (all areas of the 2012-2019 Plan).
  • Angie has great information to share with Brian on the Diocesan Strategic Plan Reviews.


Old / Ongoing Business:


Progress on goals to erase deficit:

  • Increase enrollments
  • Fundraising – Laura is working on getting a database for the Alumni Association.  Forms were handed out for names and addresses of the alumni.  More to come as she is still gathering information.


New Business:


New Officers for 2017-2018 St. Mary School Board

  • President – Laura Fortman
  • Vice President – Melissa Cass
  • Secretary – Angie Jansen


HASA – Kim

  • Next meeting is 05-11-17.  Dues of $50.00 will remain the same for the next school year.


Pastor’s Report – Father Daniel

  • “Thank you everybody for your good work.  I suggest that the new members and new officers listen to your heart.  The new officers need to work well with the new incoming principal.”


Principal’s Report – Mrs. Sandor

  • Tuition payments are current.  
  • Registered for 2017-2018:  139 students.  We are still waiting on registrations from school families; if they register, that would add 16 students.
  • Teachers’ Intent to return forms:
  • Mrs. McNutt retiring
  • Mrs. Grimm resigning
  • Mrs. Beckman resigning
  • Mr. Brian Dunne resigning
  • Non-contracted Personnel –contacted the finance committee inquiring on the salary for Mrs. Laurie for art instruction.
  • Mrs. Brandy Scrogham has been hired for the third grade position.
  • Dates for Sacraments:
    • First Communion - May 7
    • Confirmation at ICC Kville - May 9
  • Update on Goals:
    • Spiritual Leadership:  Walking with Pope Francis and St. Mother Teresa.
    • Evangelism Consulting:  Blessing of volunteers and recognition brunch.
    • AdvancED Accreditation:  Continuation of artifacts, attendance at accreditation workshop for preschool programs.


*****Thank you from Mrs. Sandor:   “Catholic Education rests within my inner core.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you these last two years.  Please accept my gratitude and know that you will be in my prayers.”  *****


Parish Council

  • Four new members have been added to the parish.


Next meeting will be Tuesday August 1, 2017 – First meeting of the school year.


Adjournment with prayer


Monthly Committee Meeting – Policy / Procedure: New Member and Officer Orientation after tonight’s meeting


Annual School Goal:  Above all clothe yourself with LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.  Colossians 3:14