Meeting Minutes March 28, 2017

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service.


St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


March 28, 2017

Present:  Mrs. Sandor, Jill Dunkel, Brian Myers, Carrie Rupley, Laura Fortman, Tracey Strater, Angie Jansen, Mrs. Yoder, Mrs. Taube, Mrs. Laurie, Mrs. Curtis, Melissa Cass, Tina Gienger

Absent: Father Daniel, Annette Roesener, Kim Hesher, Sara Lake 

Guests: Mr. Hernandezpeterson, Mrs. Replogle

Opening - School Board Prayer


  1. Mr. Hernandezpeterson – Fundraising 
    • Alumni Database needed
    • Need a case statement “Here is where we are, this is the issue, this is where we need to be, here’s the gap, we need you to fill the gap”
    • “In order to sell our story, we need to tell our story"
    • Possible 3 year campaign-500,000
    • Personal stories “How St. Mary’s helped me grow in my faith”,  in front of groups-Rotary,grandparents etc. 
    • Events, possibly need a consultant to start process of fundraising 
    • Marketing to other areas, NW Fort Wayne
    • Need to form a committee specific to this purpose
    • Laura volunteered to oversee the possible formation of committee and beginning of fundraising efforts 
  1. Mrs. Replogle – Student illness at school policy
    • requests a policy regarding student illness policy & procedure
    • we do not employ a nurse
    • check other schools in the diocese to check their policies
  1. Mrs. Laurie – Lunch prices and unpaid lunch policy
    • Father asked if we could extend a discount to multiple children families, reply in a letter from the state says “NO”, we would have to supplement the difference from our own funds, (maybe St. Vincent Depaul fund to subsidize?)
    • very difficult to make ends meet with current budget factors, down 12 meals a day from last year due to the mandated (from the state) $0.10 increase in price, $400 a month in the red-$4,000 deficit by the end of the year
    • Possible fundraiser for kitchen costs? Tasting Party or combine w/Trivia Night
    • Possible tasting and presentation at Back to School Night
    • comparison sheet of school lunch vs. McDonalds vs. packed lunch (cost and nutrition value)
    • policy & procedure committee to draft a policy and email over the next month with input
    • to be voted on at May meeting
    • Father would like us (as a School Board) to take on the lunch policy as a high priority    
    • Mrs. Laurie and Angie to work on a survey to send out to parents, also a blurb in the Friday papers regarding lunch program
    • Policy needs to be complete by July 1, 2017

Approval of minutes from previous meeting-approved with one correction

Committee Reports: 

    1. Finance & Development-Jill/Brian

    • Accrued Diocesan debt remains $116K with no recent growth or reduction
    • School lunch program solvency issues discussed at length (see above also)        

    2. Catholic Identity/Policy and Procedure-Angie

    • working on student financial aid application and lunch program policy 
    • meeting tonight

    3. Enrollment & Marketing-Annette 

    • Annette absent tonight-no report        

    4. Principal Evaluation-Jill

    • committee to meet after spring break and fill out form to submit to diocese         

    5. Strategic Planning-Brian

    • last meeting 3.28.17
    • each subcommittee presented an update 
    • goal is to refresh/bolster all areas of 2012-19 plan
    • next strategic plan due to the diocese in 2020
    • PFCIC meeting held 3.27.17
    • needs discussed for 2017-18 first then focus on five year plan
    • quotes obtained for school gym/kitchen HVAC, school lighting, and asphalt
    • Jack Jansen to implement Eagle Scout project the weekend of May 13 (weather permitting)
    • Fence and walking path discussed and will be brought before a cross-representation of the parish
    • next meeting 5.1.17 @ 6:30pm

    Old / Ongoing Business:

  1. Progress on goals to erase deficit:
    • Increase enrollments; fundraising
  2. School board elections
    • Sending parishes (2)-online vote?
      • online survey to be sent to board members soon to vote on new members
      • bios passed out for review
      • Policy questioned as to whether a voting SB member could be a school employee (referring to diocesan SB Handbook)
      • motion passed to keep Tracy as a voting member
    1. St. Mary without children
    • continue pursuing leads

New Business:

  1. Principal Search Committee
    • Marsha Jordan has been contacted and has advised as to how the principal search should proceed 
    • Committee in the process of being formed-members will be published in bulletin when finalized
    • Concerns can be relayed to committee members, but strict confidentiality will be adhered to concerning all matters of this committee

HASA Report

    • Kim Absent-No Report

School Administrators Report

    • Tuition Update-all accounts are current
    • Current number of 2017-18 registered students is 129 (with the hopeful addition of 3 more new families and 16 current students that have not yet registered)
    • Teachers’ Intent to Return forms
      • Mrs. McNutt-retiring
      • Mrs. Grimm-resigning
      • Mrs. Beckman-resigning
      • Non-contracted personnel forms due April 1
    • Waiting on reply from finance council re: Mrs. Laurie’s salary for art instruction (Dekko money that was previously used is no longer available.)
    • ISTEP April 17-May 5
    • For the record our gym has a sign stating that the maximum capacity is 200.
    • Dates for Sacrament listed
    • Update on Principal Goals: Daily Lenten reflections continue, school wide prayer service April 13th, working with staff on Advance Ed Accreditation, support of evangelium consulting continuing with mass mobs and Walking in His Footsteps with Pope Francis and St. Mother Teresa

Pastor’s Report

    • Father Absent-No Report

Other Business

    • None

Parish Council: 

  1. Report - No meeting this month
  2. Next Meeting - Carrie - Tuesday, April 18 @ 7 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 2 @ 6:00 p.m. 

Adjournment with a prayer

Monthly Committee Meeting: Catholic Identity/Policy and Procedure

Annual School Goal: 

"Above all clothe yourself with LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony."  Colossians 3:14