Meeting Minutes February 2017

Mission Statement: 

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education.  This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service. 


St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


February 7, 2017


Opening – School Board Prayer


Approval of minutes from previous meeting. 


Committee Reports: 

    1    Finance and Development – Jill / Brian 

    2    Enrollment & Marketing – Annette 

    •    Catholic School’s Week Breakfast went well. 

    •    Mission Party went well – raised approximately $2008.00 

    •    Committee Meeting after this meeting tonight. 

    3     Catholic Identity / Policy & Procedure - Angie 

    •    Still working on policy for giving families money. 

    •    Need representatives for four members of sending parishes. 

    4     Principal Evaluation – Jill (in Spring). 

    5    Strategic Planning – Brian 

    •    CMS Roofing was contacted – two areas of the roof are still under warranty and will be repaired at no charge.  Presently there is around $1000.00 in repairs needed (not under warranty). 


Old / Ongoing Business: 

    •    Special Guest:  Mrs. Laurie – School Lunches 

    ◦    St. Mary’s needs an “Unpaid Lunch Policy.”  It is recommended that the Policy and Procedure Committee come up with a policy and have the Finance Council look at it. 

    ◦    We are not where we should be pricewise, on school lunches.  We are running in deficit each month for school lunches. 

    ◦    New price for school lunches need to be determined by the end of the school year.  (April meeting). 

    ◦    We would like Mrs. Laurie to come back to the April Meeting (held on March 27, 2017). 

    •    Progress on goals to erase deficit: 

    ◦    Increase enrollments 

    ◦    Fundraising – Mike Hernandezpeterson – to come to April Meeting for tips on fundraising. 

New Business: 

    •    HASA – Kim  

    ◦    No report – will have report at next meeting. 

    •    Pastor’s Report – Father Daniel 

    ◦    Next month is the Parish Mission – it will run from the first Sunday in March thru March 7, 2017 

    ◦    To prepare for Lent and Easter – first reconciliation for the children will be Thursday. 

    ◦    In December, Father received some money and applied it to the debt.  Finance Committee will get it. 

    •    Principal’s Report – Mrs. Sandor 

    ◦    Tuition payments are current 

    ◦    March 27, 2017 is needed for make up snow day.  School is in session Easter Monday, April 17, 2017.  This follows ENS calendar. 

    ◦    Catholic School’s Week was a phenomenal success.  Focus on LOVE. 

    ◦    Working on a successful grant request with Joe Pounds from Dekko for the fence / walking path. 

    ◦    Prayers needed for Sister Teresa – she is having surgery 02-08-17.  Students will pray every hour for her at school on that day, 

    ◦    One St. Mary and one St. Joseph parent has shown interest in being the Athletic Director for St. Mary School. 

    ◦    Outstanding Matters to be addressed by School Board: 

    •    Tuition Assistance Protocol 

    •    Athletic Eligibility Policy – clarification needed on practice and no play / no play and no practice for two weeks.  And, tournament time – is the policy still in effect? 

    ◦    Successes 

    •    Isaac Warner, 5th grader will represent Noble Co at the Regional Spelling Bee March 11th. 

    •    Maggie Warner, 7th grader, had the winning design for You Can Lend A Hand Contest. 

    •    Parish Council 

    ◦    Next meeting is Feb 21,2017 at 7 pm and Kim will attend. 

Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 8, 2017 – School calendar will be determined. 

April Meeting will be March 27, 2017 – Mike Hernandezpeterson and Mrs. Laurie will be our guests. 

Adjournment with prayer

Monthly Committee Meeting – Marketing 

Annual School Goal:  Above all clothe yourself with LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.  Colossians 3:14