Meeting Minutes September 2017

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


September 5, 2017

Present:  Father Daniel, Mr. Adams, Brian Myers, Carrie Rupley, Laura Fortman, Angie Jansen, Mrs. Yoder, Mrs. Taubee, Melissa Cass, Joni Lazoff, Andrea Winkle, Kevin Strater, Shane Clouse

Guest: Mrs. Lake, Dr. Hopf

Absent: Kim Hesher

Opening - School Board Prayer

Approval of minutes from previous Meeting

HASA Report- Kim

    • None-Kim Absent
    • Next Meeting September 20th @ 6:30 p.m.

Committee Reports: 

    1. Finance & Development- Brian

    •     Parish Finance Council met 8/17/17
      • Parish is continuing to get by on a month to month basis, however several factors indicate that the school will not be able to achieve the financial goal set by the SB in January 
      • Diocesan debt is at $122,000
      • Principal Adams submitted a list of school maintenance issues that need to be addressed 
      • Next meeting: 10/19/17

    2. Catholic Identity/Policy and Procedure-Andrea 

    •     Nothing to report-committee meeting after October meeting  

    3. Enrollment & Marketing-Joni

    • See Below: Grant Committee     
    • possible fundraiser ideas:
      • “Gala” night, auction, food & drink, kid made items for purchase
      • Inquire as to using the Knights popcorn supplies at an event-possibly at trunk or treat night in October? Need to communicate idea to HASA
      • Chili Cook off 

    4. Principal Evaluation- Laura (in spring)

    • No updates 

    5. Strategic Planning- Brian

    • First Committee Meeting after November board meeting, no new updates    

Old / Ongoing Business:

  1.   Labor Day Festival Basket Raffle
    • Well attended by the community, but no report yet on financials

2.   Alumni Tent @ Labor Day Festival

    • 93 entries into drawing
    • 51 new alumni filled out contact info sheet
    • Yearbooks and sign in banner were well received by alumni
    • Next year possible pics of older decades?

3.    School Board Goals

    • Continue to address Parish debt, possible fundraiser in the spring?
    • All board members to email Laura with more ideas for goals    

New Business:

1.     Grant Committee- Andrea Winkle

    • Currently looking for a central location to look at past grants and discuss upcoming grants
    • Committee members: Andrea Winkle, Laura Fortman, Mr. Adams, Kristin Hauck
    • Working on a master list of items to work towards (new appliances, school supplies, etc.)
    • Input from Brian: EACH grade can submit an application yearly for REMC grants

2.     Sign up for Diocese Conference-Bishop Luers Monday Oct. 16th 6-9 p.m.

    • Laura will be attending, board members to email Laura if they wish to attend 
    • Angie to send out email to entire board as to which topics will be offered after the Diocesan school board meeting later this month 

School Administrators Report- Mr. Adams

    • NWEA Sept 12, 13, 14th Assessment, 
    • Current Enrollment is 121 students in K-8, Preschool has 39 students
    • 65 students are currently taking advantage of choice scholarships, this program is an important part of our enrollment financially, yet we still need to plan for the eventuality of the program dissolving
    • St. Mary School was recently approved for Pre-K through 8th grade school from the State of Indiana IDOE for the “My Way Pre-K” program. Once it is available in Noble County we will be eligible to receive those funds.
    • Catholic School Mission Day is this Thursday, Sept. 7th @ Bishop Dwenger 
    • 100% of Spirit Wear Day proceeds are going to help victims of Hurricane Harvey
    • Beautiful Staff Retreat today!, Mary Jo Parrish from St. Vincent facilitated  

Pastor’s Report

    • Thank you to the principal, staff, and the school board for a very successful Labor Day Festival. Great teamwork!
    • Confirmation Date has been moved to Thursday, May 3rd. 

Other Business- Dr.Hopf-Parking Lot Concerns

    • What is the status of the grant that was done for the walking track? 
      • Grant was written and ready for submission, but committee was asked to stop the process due to individual concerns about the grant. Mrs. Sandor requested the grant be tabled until further discussion and collaboration could be organized. 
    • A meeting is needed with representation from all the stakeholders to discuss everyone’s issues and concerns. (i.e. parish members, parish council members, school faculty, pastor, etc.) Communication needs to be key in this process.
    • Dr. Hopf volunteered to help in the process to get a walking path grant. Contact info given to Brian.
    • Father Daniel requests that we “move forward and not back so that we may achieve something” 
    • Brian reports that there is a process in place to patch holes in the parking lot. Money and labor is needed to complete this process. Joni and Laura to check prices for a truck load of material to patch, and also organize labor.

Parish Council: Tuesday September 19th at 7:00 p.m.-Melissa Cass

Next Meeting: Tuesday Oct 3rd @ 6:00 p.m. Fall Break-Suggest Change

    • Moved to October 10th @ 6:00 p.m.
    • Policy & Procedure Committee Meeting

Adjournment with a prayer

Monthly Committee Meeting: Enrollment & Marketing 

Annual School Goal: "Above all clothe yourself with LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony."                         Colossians 3:14