Meeting Minutes May 2016

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service.


St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


May 10, 2016

Present:  Mrs. Sandor, Father Daniel, Jill Dunkel, Annette Roesener, Brian Myers, Carrie Rupley, Laura Fortman, Kim Hesher, Melissa Cass, Sara Lake, Tina Gienger, Angie Jansen, Tracy Strater, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. McNutt, Mike Baker, Brad Targgart

Guests: Shari Targgart, Rob Hauck, Michelle Myers


Opening - School Board Prayer


Special Guest: Jack Jansen

·       Jack is currently working towards his Eagle Scout status and has chosen to redo the rock garden at the entrance of the school for his Eagle Scout project. The estimated cost will be $3000. He and his crew of family members and fellow scouts will be removing the current bushes and planting bulbs and other plants that will be low maintenance. Waring’s and Hesher’s have a bobcat to help with the removal of the bushes. Brian Myers will inform the groundskeepers, Mr. Sherwood and Mr. Bush on this project. Also, father would like to involve the Knights of Columbus in this project. Tentative plans to begin July 2016.



Approval of minutes from previous meeting


Committee Reports:

1. Finance & Development- Brian Myers (Chairman)

o   Still in a deficit position,  the committee is trying to figure it out.


2. Catholic Identity- Jill Dunkel (Chairman)

o   No update


3. Enrollment & Marketing- (Annette Roesener (Chairman)

·       Passed around new flyers and places to distribute them.

1. Chambers of Commerce in the area

2. Sending parishes

  3. Area real estate offices

  4. Associations…Noble Hawk, Cranberry Acres, Cobblestone, Sylvan Lake, etc.

  5. Area libraries

  6. Noble County Visitors Bureau

·       Discussed events throughout the year-where we could should have a presence and pass out the flyers

·1. Avilla Freedom Festival

2. St. Mary Labor Day Festival

3. Apple festival

4. Kendaville Christmas parade

5. Johnny Appleseed booth

6. Kendallville Immaculate Conception 150th anniversary ( starting December 2016)

7. Noble County fair-Kids day


4.     Principal Evaluation – Angie Jansen (Chairman)

o   The evaluation has been completed.


5.     Strategic Planning- Brian Myers (Chairman)

a.     Working on a template; hope to have it at the beginning of the school year







Old Business:

1.     The Sending Parish Tuition Subsidy determination clarification letter was submitted to the Diocese and they newly advise that we are NOT in compliance with the diocesan policy P5130. Mrs. Sandor passed out a copy of the form that will go to the sending parishes (with the rates) that align to this new interpretation of the policy.


2.     Sports policy: It is the recommendation of the school board that there shall be no D’s or F on the students midterm or report card in order to be eligible for athletic teams as follows; They will not be able to practice or play in a game for two weeks. The teacher will read evaluate after the two-week period.


New Business:

1.     Changes implemented by School Administration in a tentative version of the 2016-2017 St. Mary School Calendar were addressed as a result of concerns raised by several parents as well as members of the board.  The impetus behind the changes as well as perceived impacts to families were discussed.  Current school board policy does not dictate approval of the calendar by the School Board; however, one charter of a diverse School Board is to advise the Pastor and School Administration on topics that are, or may be, of concern to the school community.


2.     We should add “recruiting future board members” to the responsibilities of the Catholic Identity committee.


3.     School Board Elections for 2016 to 2017:

President: Jill Dunkel

Vice president: Melissa Cass

Secretary: Tina Gienger

*Thank you to Angie Jansen for service to the school board.


HASA Report

·       Next year’s HASA dues will be $50-to be paid directly to HASA.

·       Fundraisers: at the Johnny Appleseed festival we will be selling IBC root beer and water. We will need a $300,000 Insurance policy for this-HASA is checking on who covers this policy. Cookie down Will be a fundraiser at the beginning of next school year.


School Administrators Report

·       See Attached


Pastor’s Report

·       No Report


Other Business

·       None


Parish Council:


Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 2nd@ 6:00p.m.


Adjournment with a prayer


Monthly Committee Meeting:


Annual School Goal:

"Above all clothe yourself with LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony."  Colossians 3:14