Meeting Minutes August 2016

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service.


St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


August 2, 2016

Opening - School Board Prayer

Welcome of New and Returning Members


Present:  Mrs. Sandor, Father Daniel, Jill Dunkel, Annette Roesener, Brian Myers, Carrie Rupley, Laura Fortman, Kim Hesher, Melissa Cass, Sara Lake, Tina Gienger, Angie Jansen, Mrs. Benedict, Mrs. Taube

Absent: Brad Targgart, Tracy Strater

Guests: Michael Edwards, Jonathan Ormiston, David Roesener


Old / Ongoing Business:

1.     School Calendar

a.     Guest speakers: Jonathan Ormiston and Michael Edwards

§  Mr. Ormiston and Mr. Edwards were invited to the meeting by Father Daniel and Jill Dunkel to help give context to the school calendar decision.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting

§  Additions to the minutes of the last meeting were submitted by Brian Myers.  Additions were approved.  See Revised May Minutes.

Contact Information Sheet updates

§  Sheets were passed around and updated.

Committee Reports:

1. Finance & Development- Brian Myers (Chairman) - Update from spring/summer

o   The Finance Committee will meet next week.

2. Catholic Identity- Jill Dunkel (Chairman) -  Update from spring/summer

o   No update

3. Enrollment & Marketing- (Annette Roesener (Chairman) Update from spring/summer

o   The Marketing Committee (and some faculty members and students) participated in:

§  The Freedom Festival parade in Avilla ( and won third place!!!)

§  The All In Block Party in Albion. (Had a booth and passed out fliers).

§  St Mary School fliers were distributed at The Town Hall in Avilla, and at the library in Avilla, and at Cranberry Acres in Avilla.

§  St Mary (faculty, board members, students) had their first "Church Mob" at the Immaculate Conception Church in Kendallville – it was very well received and supported.  The goal is to attend all sending parishes to promote St. Mary School.



4. Principal Evaluation – Angie Jansen (Chairman) Update from spring/summer

§  The evaluation happens in the Spring.

5. Strategic Planning- Brian Myers (Chairman) Update from spring/summer

§  From the May 10, 2016 Minutes – Brian is still working on the template – the hope was to have it at the beginning of the school year.  He has made some headway with people, but has nothing on paper yet.

2016-17 Committee Sign-ups and chairs

§  Sign up sheets were passed around.

Old / Ongoing Business, Continued:

1.     Tuition Compliance

2.     Jack Jansen’s Eagle Scout Project

§  From the May 10, 2016 Minutes:  This project was to have been started in July 2016.  Nothing has been started; still working on the logistics of this project.

New Business:

1. Labor Day Festival Basket Raffle-Signups/Chair

2. Parish Council Meeting Signups

§  Sign up sheets were distributed.

HASA Report

·       First Meeting:  August 24, 20166:30 PM

·       St Mary's will NOT be participating in the Johnny Appleseed or the Apple Festival. (Selling Root Beer as a fundraiser).

·       Cookie Dough Fundraiser will start shortly after school starts.

·       Trunk or Treat will be an activity this fall; Halloween time.  More info to come.

·       HASA will be at the ice cream social this Sunday at St. Mary's.

School Administrators Report

·       See Attached

Pastor’s Report

·       "Thank You" to all parishioners, donors, for the financial support of the school projects.

·       "Thank You" to everyone for your service.

Other Business

Parish Council: No Meeting in August

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 6th @ 6:00 p.m.

Adjournment with a prayer

Monthly Committee Meeting: begin in September

Annual School Goal:

"Above all clothe yourself with LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony."  Colossians 3:14