Meeting Minutes February 2016

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life long learners with an understanding of the call to service.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


February 2, 2016


Present: Mrs. Sandor, Angie Jansen, Tina Gienger, Annette Roesener, Carrie Rupley, Tracy Strater, Sara Lake, Melissa Cass, Mrs. McNutt, Mike Baker, Brian Myers, Jill Dunkel, Father Daniel, Brad Targgart, Kim Hesher, Jon Ormiston. Absent: Melissa Cass

Opening - School Board Prayer

Approval of minutes from previous meeting

Committee Reports: 

Finance & Development-BM/Next Meeting February 25,2016

Catholic Identity-JD/Constitution approved by Marsha Jordan, Father Daniel, and Angela Jansen

Enrollment & Marketing-AR 

  • The letters on the sign out front will not stay up. We have our name in for the sign at the Albion             Library. 
  • We are planning an Open House for the parents and students of St. Joseph's in Garrett to             come to St. Mary's and visit during school hours. This will be for 8 or 9 students.

Principal Evaluation-AJ/ Meet after March Board Meeting.

Strategic Planning-BM/

  • Working on Facilities and Capital Improvement Meeting in March.
  • Continue to compile information on the demographics etc. of the area, school etc.


Old Business:

1 . Sara and Mrs. Sandor attended the Catholic School Fair in Angola at St. Anthony of Padua on January 24.

2. Feb. 1 was the Light of Learning Luncheon at 1 pm.

3. St. Mary School was awarded $2000.00 from the Noble REMC Round Up Grant to help purchase a defibrillator, and Knox Box and Walkie Talkies for the school.

4. If anyone knows of any other grants available, please let the school know. Mrs. Winkle is excited about writing the grants.


New Business: 

  1. The Sending Parishes need more information on how the Council determines the tuition rates. Brian Myers and Jon Ormiston will get a letter of explanation to them by Mid- March.



HASA Report

  • HASA is working on getting a booth at the Johnny Appleseed Festival —to sell Root Beer.
  • Also thinking about trying a Trunk or Treat Event for Halloween — maybe have hot dogs and cocoa.
  • No February Meeting
  • no more fundraisers for 2015-16 school year

School Administrators Report

  • St. Mary's was not chosen for a visit from the Advanced Ed Accreditation.
  • Reminder: Don't stress the kids out about I-Step. There were major technical issues with the test this year. .. the server going out and switches not working.  
  • The Open House / Registration went well 
  • The staff and Mrs. Sandor are working on the School Improvement Plan.


Pastor’s Report

  • A Big Thank you to Everyone.
  • Confirmation Retreat is this Saturday with Father David Mary. St Mary's Parish Mission is this Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


Other Business: None

Parish Council: February 16th @ 7pm / Annette to attend

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Adjournment with a prayer

Monthly Committee Meeting – None

Annual School Goal: 

“Let us then pursue what leads to peace and to building up one another.” Romans 14:19