Meeting Minutes September 2016

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life-long learners with an understanding of the call to service.


St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


September 6, 2016

Opening – School Board Prayer

Present Board Members: Jill Dunkel, Brian Myers, Annette Roesener, Carrie Rupley, Laura Fortman, Tracy Strater, Angie Jansen, Melissa Cass, Nora Jackson, Sara Lake, Father Daniel

Excused: Mrs. Jane Sandor

Absent: Brad Targgart, Janice McNutt, Kim Hesher

Guest: Michele Replogle

Old/Ongoing Business:

1. Mrs. Replogle visited and submitted a letter with concerns about the 2016-2017 School Calendar.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting:

1. Take Tracy Strater off of last month's attendee list. She was absent.

2. Mrs. Taube's name is spelled incorrectly.

Contact Information Sheet

1. Finalized School Board Directory sheets were passed

a. Tracy Strater's address is incorrect.

Committee Reports:

1. Finance & Development- Brian Myers (Chair)

a. Brian would like to bring more finance information to the School Board meeting

b. see attachment

2. Catholic Identity- Angie Jansen

                         a. No Update

3. Enrollment & Marketing – Annette Roesener (Chair)

                  a. The Marketing Committee would like to attend the Immaculate Conception Church             Dinner in Ege on Sept. 11 at 2pm to show support to our fellow parish. Sara Lake will email an invite to school families to participate.

                   b. St. Gasper's is planning a Church Chili dinner and Sara Lake will inquiry about if this would be open to the public.

                   c. Tina Gienger relayed on that all of the Spanish St. Mary's brochures at Immaculate Conception are taken and need replenished.

                   d. Dec. 3rd will be the Christmas Parade in Kendallville. We would like to find a low trailer to ride on as the Nativity Scene. Need to ask Mrs. Couture if we can borrow her 3rd grade costumes

                  e. Would like to “Mob” a different parish every month.

 4. Principal Evaluation – Angie Jansen

                   a. The evaluation happens in the Spring.

 5. Strategic Planning – Brian Myers (Chairman)

                    a. See Attachment

Old / Ongoing Business:

1. Garrett Carpool

a. No one has heard an update on this.

2. Labor Day Basket Raffle was successful. Thank you to all for your donations and help and for the teachers for organizing.

 3. School Board Goals:

                      a. Continue to update the Stategic Plan

                      b. Continue to expand Enrollment & Marketing

                      c. Review and improve the School Board election plan

                                 (Angie Jansen will be looking into diocesan policy for this procedure)

    4. Sara Lake & Andrea Winkle are working on writing a grant to install a paved walking path and fence in the back area.

    5. The leaks on the roof above the 3rd grade class are being looked into. Also checking on gaps in masonry in primary hallway.

New Business:

1. Diocesan School Board In-Service – Monday, October 17th from 6-9pm at Bishop Dwenger

                    a. RSVP by October 7th.

        b. Angie Jansen will be attending the Diocesan School board meeting this week and will find out what topics the in-service will cover.

       A session on the SGO program and possibly other tuition assistance program are area's of interest for our board.

HASA Report – (Angie Jansen)

1. Cookie Dough sales were down. Talking about possibly doing this fundraiser later in the year next year.

2. Trunk or Treat is being planned. No date set yet.

3. Trivia Night is tentatively set for Nov. 5th.

4. Sept 14th at noon will be the delivery date for cookie dough.

5. A vice president will be elected at the next meeting.

6. Next HASA meeting is scheduled for Sept. 21st at 6:30.

School Administrators Report

       See Attached

Pastor's Report

       We are waiting on the report on Labor Day

       Thank you to all of your participation

Other Business

Parish Council: September 20th at 7pm. Jill will attend

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 4th at 6pm.

Adjournment with a prayer

Monthly Committee Meeting : Catholic Identity

Annual School Goal:

"Above all clothe yourself with LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony."  Colossians 3:14