Meeting Minutes April 2015

Mission Statement: St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life long learners with an understanding of the call to service.

St. Mary's Catholic School Board Minutes
April 7, 2015

Present: Mr. Kieffer, Angie Jansen, Sara Lake, Annette Roesener, Kristin Hauck, Jill Dunkel, Melissa Cass, Kim Hesher, Scott Gunkel, Mrs. McNutt, Tina Geinger, Mike Baker

Absent: Michelle Myers, Rev. Chukwuleta
Opening - School Board Prayer
Review of minutes from last meeting :
minutes were approved

Committee reports:

1. Finance and Development – nothing new
2. Catholic Identity Policy and Procedure – will make changes to the handbook and vote to

approve them at the next meeting 3. Enrollment and Marketing

a. Will put something new on the school road sign to congratulate the confirmation and first communion students

b. Sara Lake will contact the News Sun about putting in an ad to congratulate the seniors 4. Principal Evaluation committee – nothing new

Parish Council Report: none
1. Next meeting is April 21 @ 7:00, Kim Hesher to go

Old Business:

1. CYO will not let Oak Farm join St. Mary sports teams to play in CYO games, maybe possible for St. Mary students to play in both leagues

New Business:

1.What is the process of finding out why a family may leave St. Mary School?
a. Principle simply reaches out to the family and asks why but beyond that it is personal

issue some may not wish to share. 2. Science fair too hard? 5th grade too hard?

a. There will be some changes made to the 5th grade schedule next year to ease the transition to middle school

3. Should we bill FACTS for the Burger King booklets until people sell them to guarantee all are either paid for or brought back?

4.Three Board members terms are over.
a. Scott will be replaced by Tracy Strater.
b. Kristen will be replaced by Jerry Schmidt.
c. There are three people running for Michelle Myers position. Tina Ball, Carrie Rupley

and Brian Myers are running. Elections will be held at St. Mary parish on the last

weekend in April.
5. Dekko issued a grant “If you didn't have to pay for this ??? you could do this for your kids?

HASA report:

1. Trivia Night April 11th
2. Should HASA fees increase instead of doing fundraisers? 3.HASA will submit there bylaws to school board for approval 4.April 11th @ 6:00pm is the next meeting

School Administrators Report:

1. Parent volunteers still needed for sending parish projects
2. Toured East Noble to get an idea of e-learning and technology needs for students ( Canvas

program $5.00 a student) Pastor Report: None

Other Business:

1. Elections next meeting
Next Meeting: Tuesday May 5th @ 6:00pm Adjournment with prayer
Monthly Committee Meeting

Annual School Goal:

“I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13