Meeting Minutes September 2014

Mission Statement: St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life long learners with an understanding of the call to sevice.


St. Mary's Catholic School Board


September 2, 2014



Present: Mr. Kieffer, Rev. Chukwuleta, Angie Jansen, Sara Lake, Michelle Myers, Annette Roesener, Kristin Hauck, Jill Dunkel, Mrs. McNutt, Mrs. Beckman,Melissa Cass, Kim Hesher

Absent: Scott Gunkel, Tina Geinger, Mike Baker


Opening - School Board Prayer


Review of minutes from last meeting – minutes were approved


Committee reports:

    1. Budget & Operations – Nothing new to report

    2. Policy and Procedure -

        a. Angie would like to know if there is an updated School Board handbook, Sara will be                 attending the Diocesan meeting and will find out

        b. Will meet after next meeting

    3. Development & Marketing

        a. Discussed a float for christmas parade in Kendallville (12-6-14 @1:00) or doing card                 around Bixler Lake

        b. Mrs. McNutt will ask School council if they have an interest in doing either the                 parade or the card

        c. Sara talked about putting an informational flier in race packets – Angie could help                  with printing if needed

    4. Principal Evaluation committee

        a.Still in the process of being updated


Parish Council Report – Angie attended 

    1. They are concerned about the school not being advertised in the Kendallville paper

        - Angie told them we are working on it, money for ad is an issue

    2. They were concerned about basket Raffle taking money away from Big Ticket raffle

    3. They were concerned about the calendar for this school year

        - Angie told them we follow what east Noble does in order to use the bus sevices

    4. Michelle Myers to attend next meeting on Tues. Sept. 16th @ 7:00


Old Business:

    1. Review members contact info and committes

    2. Basket raffle @ labor day festival made $1117.00, a 25% increase over last year

    3. Sara put a school board tab on the school web site, will include names, e-mail addresses and                   parish of each member 

    4. School board in service ( Oct. 28th) RSVPs due by Oct. 17, Angie will e-mail info 

New Business: 

    1. Using community calendar in Newspaper discussed

    2. Trying to get into Today's Catholic more, each teacher is sending items throughout the year    3. Strategic principles and the five required categories discussed 

        a. Mrs. Beckman talked about the 3 year program of Faith Hope and Love . This year is                 the year of Faith, each month a different virtue and saint are taught

        b.  Focus on school writing goal

        c.  Expand after school programs (sports, art etc.)

HASA report – Kim Hesher

    1. School picnic went well had an OK turn out – plan on doing it next year

    2. Cookie dough funraiser started

    3. Will be doing Halloween bowling again

    4. Next Trivia night is October 18th

    5.  Couple of new fundraisers discussed - Party Lite Candles, Tide Laundry Soap,  Aunt Annies              or discount cards

    6.  Next meeting is September 8th @ 6:30


School Administrators Report

    1.    New Advance ED program

    2.    Working with all 5 indiana dioceces to get a statewide education plan

    3.    Vochers window closed, have 15 new SGO families but would like to have more


Pastor Report

    1. Parish debt right around $100,000

    2. Need to improve spiritual aspect of the parish by trying to get speakers to come


Other Buisness


Next Meeting: Tuesday October 14,2014 @ 6:00pm


Adjournment with prayer


Monthly Committee Meeting



Annual School Goal:

“Let us then pursue what leads to peace and to building up one another.” Romans 14:19