Meeting Minutes November 2014

Mission Statement: St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life long learners with an understanding of the call to service.

St. Mary's Catholic School Board Minutes
November 4, 2014

Present: Mr. Kieffer, Angie Jansen, Sara Lake, Kristin Hauck, Jill Dunkel, Melissa Cass, Scott Gunkel, Tina Geinger, Mike Baker, Rev. Chukwuleta, Annette Roesener

Absent: Kim Hesher, Michelle Myers, Brad Taggert

Opening - School Board Prayer

School Administrators Report:

1.Discussed the pros and cons of joining Oak Farm for all sports and leaving CYO 2.Return on the vouchers is up this year
3.Teachers are writing grants for printers and chrome books
4.School is looking for a school choice representative

New Business:

1.Strategic Planning – Catholic Identity : We are doing well 2.Sports collaboration with Oak Farm

a) Said they would make cost equal for all players
b) They asked us to do join them for all sports , we feel we should c) Asked CYO to allow Oak Farm to join us and they refused

3. December meeting will be a carry-in, Jon Ormiston will be there with a budget report which will allow us to set the tuition for next year

Old Business:

1.School Board In-Service attended by Sara and Angie a) Catholic schools are more affordable then ever b) We are above and beyond on our strategic plan

2.School Board goals for 2014 – 2015 a)Angie will start on brochures

School Council Report: Jennifer Litchfield (President) Luke Passino (VP) Ben Jansen (Treasurer) 1. Sponser the Valentines Day sales and work the blood drives at the school
2. Have started a Friday store selling school supplies that the students may need

Committee Reports:

  1. Finance and Development – Jon Ormiston will present budget report

  2. Catholic Identity – Survey going well

  3. Enrollment and Marketing – Still working on Brochure

  4. Principal Evaluation Committee – Nothing New

Pastor's Report:

  1. Doing well with debt reduction

  2. We need to focus more on the spiritual aspect of the parish

  3. Will have an advent service with a deacon coming to speak on December 14th and 15th

  4. Kids will have confessions before Christmas

  5. Will be a few little changes with the liturgy to make it the way it is suppose to be

Parish Council Report: Kristin Attended

  1. Had the best decorated booth at the Apple Festival

  2. Talked about repainting the inside of the church, Father received a $10,000 check to

    help with the cost, will take a couple months to complete once started, waiting on quotes

  3. Next meeting is November 18th Tina Geinger will be attending, no meeting in


HASA Report: Kristin

  1. Next fundraiser is candles

  2. Next meeting is November 17th @ 6:30

  3. Possible new fundraiser – candy bars

Approval of minutes from previous meeting – minutes approved

- Elementary also does a card around bixler

Other Business:

1. Light of Learning Award Ceremony – Mrs. Curtis – Jan. 27th @ 11:00

No committee meeting next month Adjournment with prayer

Annual School Goal:
“ Let us then pursue what leads to peace and to building up one another.” Romans 14:19