Meeting Minutes February 2015

Mission Statement: St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life long learners with an understanding of the call to service.

St. Mary's Catholic School Board Minutes
February 3, 2015

Present: Mr. Kieffer, Rev. Chukwuleta, Angie Jansen, Sara Lake, Michelle Myers, Annette Roesener, Kristin Hauck, Jill Dunkel, Melissa Cass, Kim Hesher, Scott Gunkel, Mrs. Yoder
Absent: Tina Geinger, Mike Baker

Opening - School Board Prayer

Review of minutes from last meeting – minutes were approved

Committee reports:

1. Finance and Development – nothing new
2. Catholic Identity Policy and Procedure – meeting next month 3. Enrollment and Marketing

a. Sending Spiritual Bouquet to sending Parishes in hopes they will make lists of ways we can serve them

b. very good open house – registration going well – $1100.00 went to right to life from open house breakfast

4. Principal Evaluation committee – nothing new

Parish Council Report – Annette attended
1. They talked about Catholic Schools Week 2. They suggested mentors for new families 3. Kim Hesher to attend next meeting

Old Business:

1. Waiting on CYO decision regarding Oak Farm joining St. Mary sports teams

2. Great Catholic Schools Week – Science Central rescheduled

New Business:

1.Following their broadcast from St. Mary School Redeemer Radio offered us a 30 second advertising slot for free

2. Parish Debt down to about $9000.00 3. Teachers have been writing grants

a. will repeat the art grant
b. grant has been written for chrome books
c. received $4000.00 for SGO
d. received $1000.00 from Noble REMC for color printers

4.Need to meet with Finance Council every other month to keeps tabs on everything

HASA report

1. February 9th @ 6:00pm is the next meeting @ Country Heritage Winery 2. Trivia Night April 11th

School Administrators Report

  1. Mission Party went well

  2. Length of school day needs to be 5-10 minutes longer to keep within Indiana guidelines

Pastor Report

  1. Parish received $10,000.00 donation for the repainting of the inside of the church – last bid was $42,000

  2. Getting bids to have the plumbing in the rectory fixed, received a $25,000 grant to have it done

  3. father received many calls after hearing St. Mary on Redeemer Radio

Other Business

1. East Noble had flex days and e - learning days that we did not, we are using the first week of Spring Break to make up those days

2. June 1st, HASA tincaps game
3. February 6
th from 4-7 Garrett K of C is having a fish-fry to benefit sports program

Next Meeting: Tuesday March 3rd @ 6:00pm Adjournment with prayer
Monthly Committee Meeting

Annual School Goal:

“I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13