Meeting Minutes August 2014

Mission Statement:

St. Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education. This education allows students to be life long learners with an understanding of the call to service.


St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


August 5, 2014



Present: Mr. Kieffer, Rev. Chukwuleta, Angie Jansen, Sara Lake, Tina Geinger, Michelle Myers, Annette Roesener, Kristin Hauck, Mike Baker, Jill Dunkel, Mrs. McNutt

Absent: Scott Gunkel, Melissa Cass, Kim Hesher


Opening - School Board Prayer


Approval of minutes from previous meeting – Minutes were reviewed and accepted.


Welcome to new members and introductions – Annette Roesener


Committee Reports – Chairs and members were assigned.

    1. Budget & Operation – Angie Jansen, Chair

    2. Policy & Procedure – Jill Dunkel, Chair

  1. Diocesan accreditation, review School Board constitution

    3. Development & Marketing – Sara Lake, Chair

  1. Monthly classroom blurb from teachers on web site, newspaper submission twice a year
  2. Discussed St. Mary’s banner displayed in Kendallville Sports Complex, will be displayed again next year

    4. Principal Evaluation Committee – Angie Jansen, Chair


Parish Council: Angie to attend the next meeting:Tuesday, August 19th @ 7pm (St. Mary’s Convent)


Old Business:

    1. Review members contact info

    2. Assign members to committees, determine chairs (see above)


New Business: 

  1. Sign up sheet for Labor Day Festival - Raffle vs. Auction?
    1. Will be a raffle this year – Michelle will coordinate, put in bulletin
    2. Sara putting a letter in Friday papers
  2. $15,000 Art Grant
    1. K-4 beginning Art class again, plans to expand to the Middle School
  3. Staffing Changes
    1. Janice Richardson (returning employee) will be the new resource person and PE instructor
  4. Wellness Policy
    1. Following government guidelines, audited every three months
    2. Will not collect body weight, height info unless mandated
    3. Can only have “non-healthy” food for sale two days out of the year (i.e., Mission Party)
    4. After Care snacks will be from smart snack list
    5. Teachers and School Board decided treats can be homemade, should be healthy (communicate food allergies in class)
      1. i.  Non-healthy treats will be sent home in baggies
    6. Angie will get a volunteer optometrist for eye checks
    7. Time will be provided for middle schoolers to go lockers so as to not carry so many books


HASA Report - Michelle

1.*Next Meeting Tuesday August 12th @ 6:30

  1. Kim Hesher will be the HASA representative for School Board
  2. Back to School Picnic is August 24 from 11-1 at the Avilla park
  3. Cookie dough sales and trivia night are upcoming projects/events


School Administrators Report

  1. Web site has been redone
    1. Create a School Board page?
  2. 27 preschoolers, 133 K-8 students this year
  3. Noble County Promise 529 plan matching program– Sara
    1. Pilot school; Parkview to contribute $25 to K-3 students’ 529 plans
    2. Will be activities in classrooms, trip to Huntington College


Pastor’s Report

  1. Need to run ad for Scrip volunteers in school newsletter
  2. Construction is almost over (drainage, etc.)
  3. Fr. Daniel would like help from outside sources, like Brad Targgart
  4. Good news about debt reduction – debt is down to $75,000 accumulated interest
    1. Fr. Daniel appreciates help received from fellow priests, School Board, and parishioners
    2. Finance Council will publish news in bulletin next month
    3. Goal is to have a savings account


Other Business


Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 2nd @ 6:00 p.m.

  1. Email Angie if you want something on the agenda


Adjournment with a prayer


Monthly Committee Meeting


Annual School Goal: 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13