Meeting Minutes October 2015

Mission Statement:  St Mary School provides an authentic Catholic education.  This education allows students to be lifelong learners with an understanding of the call to service.

St. Mary’s Catholic School Board


October 13, 2015

Present:  Mrs. Sandor, Angie Jansen, Tina Gienger, Annette Roesener, Carrie Rupley, Tracy Strater, Sara Lake, Melissa Cass, Mrs. McNutt, Mike Baker, Brian Myers, Brad Targgart, Mrs. Stahl.  Absent:  Jill Dunkel, Father Daniel, Kim Hesher

Opening – School Board Prayer

Approval of Minutes from previous meeting

Committee Reports:

1.      Finance and Development – Fromthe Council Meeting 09/17/15, the debt is paid in full.  Major concern is that we need to meet “Operating Expenses.”  Some of the Operating expenses are paid thru January 2015 (some of the Diocsean bills are not.)

2.     Catholic Identity –  N/A

3.     Enrollment and Marketing - St Mary’s is committed to the Christmas Boards at Bixler Lake.  We do have a banner and students can walk in the Christmas Parade; a float is not necessary.  St. Mary Student Council will discuss/decide this at their meeting.

4.     Principal Evaluation – None

5.     Strategic Planning – See New Business

Old Business:

·      SB In-Service 10/26/15 @ 6PM – See Angie if you want to attend.

New Business:

·      Strategic Plan

1.     We need a “measurable” Strategic Plan; with goals

2.     We have 9 Sending Parishes – need demographic info from them.

3.     We need to have a new Strategic Plan by May of each year.  We need it by the April meeting – so it is approved by May.

4.     Brian Myers will be working on this.

HASA Report

·      Next Meeting October 21 @ 6:30

School Administrators Report

·      See handout from Mrs. Sandor

Pastor’s Report – None

Other Business - None

Parish Council - Need volunteer for 10/20/15 meeting

Adjournment with a prayer

Monthly Committee Meeting – Light of Learning

Annual School Goal:           

“Let us then pursue what leads to peace and to building up one another.”  Romans 14:19