Welcome, Happy Campers!

A is for Adventure! Happy Campers gathered at the open houses to turn in school supplies and explore the classroom! 


What's your favorite camping treat? We think s'mores just can't be beat! Friends pasted marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers! Umm, um!


How many frogs can you spy with your little eye? Count with me...1,2,3!


We have some "Bear-y" cute Campers! 


Max, the bear, is ready for the Solar Eclipse on Monday! Are you? Don't look at the sun without protective eye wear!!!


Preschool pals painted pictures that begin with the Letter A and colored "pick me" sticks to use at Circle Time! 


We are over the moon about seeing everyone on the first day of PRESCHOOL!  

Wednesday, August 23 for the 4 year old class and Thursday, August 24 for the 3 year olds