Fancy Nancy Week-Pre-K 4am Class


Nancy loves to be fancy! We had a fabulous week! We thank God for HIS many gifts, especially the gift of friends! They teach us so much about ourselves and love us just the way we are...FANCY OR NOT!! Like Fancy Nancy, we know what's most important is to just be ourselves! Get ready to smile...


Fancy hats and hair! 


At Circle Time, we used fancy voices to countdown the calendar and bowed and curtsied while singing I Have Been To Paris! We pretended to visit some pretty amazing places in France! 


It's not as easy as it looks to hold up your pinky while eating applesauce! Classmates giggled as they dined at snack time!  Don't forget your sticker for good manner words! "Merci!"


Fancy Feet! 


Hurry! Put on two items from each table! Go, go...Gooooooo! 


Fancy from head to toe! My, oh, my!! Accessories GALORE! 


We think our volunteers are STUPENDOUS!! Fancy friends cheered as grandparents, parents and friends gathered after Mass for Volunteer Appreciation Day!