Celebrating National Young Readers Day in Pre-K!

The three year old preschool class wore their pajamas to school on National Young Readers Day. Mr. Adams just happened to have his on too! Everyone came in close for Hide and Seek Hippo! The children giggled as they tried to find Hippo's hiding spot throughout the story! Fourth grade Native Americans visited the four year old class and presented a  Book Theatre. The class loved learning about the different tribes. Later, fourth grade Spirit Pals helped students with Story Bracelets they created themselves. Our second grade neighbors came by for buddy reading in the afternoon. Our BOOK LOVIN' preschool classes explored several reading centers.  The class enjoyed both fiction and nonfiction books! A Friend Like You by Andrea Schomburg and Barbara Rottgen warmed our hearts right along with Mrs.Strater's cinnamon rolls! What a sweet tale of friendship...pals encouraging and  accepting one another just as God made them. Happy National Young Readers Day!


Where is Hippo? Storytime with Mr.Adams!


Book Theatre  


Creating Story Bracelets with Spirit Pals! 


Books under the stars, books in the pool, in the jungle, in the Arctic ...anytime, anywhere...



Lots of familiar faces back in PRESCHOOL today! But this time, as super second grade readers!! 


Thank you to Mr.Adams, Mrs.Kline and 4th grade, and Mrs.Curtis and 2nd grade for making National Young Readers Day one to remember!