Fancy Nancy Week

The Pre-4's celebrated author Jane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy book series this week. Fancy feet flopped in on Monday followed by Fancy hats and hair on Wednesday! Friday was fabulous with friends decked out head to toe! Oo la la! The class listened to oodles of Fancy Nancy favorites through the week, created a fancy word list, sorted fancy/not fancy, counted/matched fancy objects and perfected pleasing posture! Friends dined on fancy cheese and desserts. (Pinkies held high, Darlings!) Both classes engaged in top notch performances...Pre-4am cheered as Kindergarten performed The Glum Princess and Pre-4pm jived along to the Middle School Musical, DIG IT! Bravo, bravo!!! One thing is for sure...Nancy taught us that being silly or fancy is fun but being true to "you" is what matters most! We thank God that we are "YOU-nique" and made in HIS image and likeness!