April Virtue-Justice

Justice was served this morning at St. Mary School. To clarify what justice means students and teachers participated in a skit, which included injuries of varying degrees. Dr. Kline tried to help the injured by being “fair” and giving them each a small bandage regardless of the severity of the injury. The student body jury deemed that was not justice. Judge Justice, alias Mr. Helmkamp, required Dr. Kline to make restitution by dispensing proper care, which included crutches for a broken leg, a walker for a slipped disc, and a wheelchair and sling for Mr. Adams who “suffered” a broken arm and two sprained ankles when training for a half marathon!  The bailiff, played by Mrs. Curtis, explained the moral of the lesson was that justice is giving each one his due, not just being “fair.” This was a great lesson on April’s virtue of justice, which is part of St. Mary School’s Catholic Identity Goal this year.