Celebrating the 100th Anniversary Year of Our Lady of Fatima

Last Friday our staff and students joined children around the world for the Worldwide Children's Eucharistic Holy Hour in honor of the 100th anniversary year of Our Lady of Fatima. The student council led everyone in a prayer service that included the Rosary and Benediction, as well as a remembrance of the three children from Fatima: St. Francisco, St. Jacinta, and Lucia (portrayed by students below). We pray to our Holy Mother for peace in our families and in the world!





It was a BOOTIFUL night for Trunk or Treat! Thank you to the HASA officers(pictured below) for putting this event together for our school family and community! Special thanks to BIGGBY for the delicious hot chocolate and coffee!



 No tricks! Just treats! 


Second Place Trunk- Tie! 


First Place Trunk- 


Happy Halloween!!🎃


Instruments of Peace

Saint Mary Staff and Students gathered to kick off Instruments of Peace. We are called to a mission—a mission which only you can do—a mission that might seem impossible at first glance. When you were baptized you were given the gift of faith and God gave you a mission to bring His love to our world. To share the Good News of His love with others, especially the vulnerable and those in need. Our mission is to nurture and strengthen our faith so that we grow in virtue and transform our world. 


This is our 4th year of Instruments of Peace. For 4 years we have focused on growing in virtue and accepting Rachel’s challenge to reach out in kindness.

 This year our challenge is to start where you are and to go deeper.


In the past, maybe you welcomed anyone who asked to play with you. Now, maybe you watch out for classmates who are being left out and invite them to play with you. In the past, maybe you showed kindness by not saying mean things about others. Now, maybe you stop yourself and others from gossiping about someone else.


Students and Staff will sign the Rachel's Challenge banner. Their  signature means that they accept thier mission to grow in faith this year and bring kindness and compassion to our world---striving for the outer limits and beyond!


Saint Francis, 

Pray for us.